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Default Re: Anybody ever join a frat?

Originally Posted by kenuffff
professional networking? i've never seen anyone get a job because they were in a frat, in fact most of the people i know that were super into that stuff are the manager of applebees, so yes if you want to professionally network with the outback manager then a frat is going to be awesome for your career, otherwise you're better off concentrating on your degree.. frats are good for meeting people because you're too stupid to meet them on your own, and banging super hot chicks.

I have personally seen plenty of people get jobs simply because they happened to be fraternity brothers or sorority sisters of people who had the power to hire them..

And people who focus on "chicks" and the partying aspect of Frats are being narrow minded and only focusing on what it means when members are undergrad students..

In school, frats means parties and girls, but once they get out, they have connections with many people they have never met simply because they are of the same fraternity..

Dont think a guy who kappa wont hire another guy who is kappa when everything is equal... or maybe not equal..

It matters on a professional level.
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