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Default Re: Seeing the Blackhawks win tonight makes me really want to see the Bulls win soon...

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
It's awesome that the Blackhawks won. I'm not a huge hockey fan like I am Bulls/basketball. I would say hockey is probably my third favorite behind basketball and baseball.

Anyways, it made me think just how bad I want to see the Bulls win soon. I was too young to fully appreciate the Bulls and Jordan in the '90s. When Jordan won his last title in Chicago in '98 I was 14. I stopped watching basketball for a few years after Jordan retired. I got into it again big time around 2001/2002 and have been a huge NBA/Bulls fan since. I've stuck with this team throughout all the rebuilding eras. I was watching when they had Curry/Crawford/Chandler and were absolute crap.

It would just be amazing and mean so much more to me now if Rose and the Bulls win a championship in the next couple of seasons. I'd love to celebrate, go to the parade and truly appreciate this one.

Its all i exist for most days. I wasn't a grown man for the Jordan era though i was apart of it the whole way.

Too see the Bulls win another chip, especially if it could be with the Rose, Noah, Jimmy, Deng, Booz, Gibson core.... would bring more satisfaction than possibly anything in this world.

Believe guys. We just need health. We can get those guys.
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