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Default Re: My Crazy Draft Analysis

21. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Utah Jazz): C Gorgui Dieng, Louisville
I loved Dieng. I saw him a ton the past few years, and he’s a really great defender. It’s not just shot blocking, which he’s excellent at. He’s excellent on a variety of methods of defending the PnR, which is huge in this league. He’s good position wise against bigs. He just does a lot well, and he’s a sneaky good high low passer, and will knock down an elbow jumper. There’s not a ton of upside, but he will play. I feel like this gives them a safety net behind Pecovic, who they may have to let walk next year if they want the money to throw at Love, who may leave irregardless.

22. Brooklyn Nets: C Mason Plumlee, Duke
I was not a huge Plumlee guy, but I have people who’s opinion I trust who liked him more than Zeller, and he went four, so at 22, what more do you want. When the Nets took him I actually thought he was a little like Mr. Kardashian who they already had and didn’t play, but they only have to pay him a tenth of that. So that’s good. If they knew they were on their way to the Celtic Deal, they were only getting depth here one way or the other. Big depth is probably more valuable.

23. Indiana Pacers: SF Solomon Hill, Arizona
I don’t like this pick. He’s more stretch four than a three. Perhaps they’re hoping his depth frees them up to try to more aggressively shop Danny Granger. If I were them I’d be more worried about losing David West, although it sounds like he’ll be back. I’dve rolled the dice on Tony Mitchell, an undoubtedly more talented guy, who’s athleticism may let him play some three himself, and counted on having an established roster and coach to get him to get his shit together.

24. New York Knicks: SG Tim Hardaway Jr., Michigan
This Knick team is the biggest mess of a two seed ever. I suppose they’re planning on letting JR Smith walk. Perhaps Hardaway can step in and shoot it some and defend. He and Shumpert could be a nice pair of perimeter defending wings. Hardaway providing some spacing, Shumpert some playmaking. They weren’t gonna get much to crack them here anyway.

25. Los Angeles Clippers: SF Reggie Bullock, North Carolina
At 25 I really like this pick. His shooting will play off of Paul, and he’ll defend. Again, there were a lot of guys like this, but the bit of extra size Bullock has made me like him a little more than the other guys. Especially here. Crabbe was probably a little better with the ball, but he wasn’t gonna get much outta that with Paul. Franklin was the best defender and athlete and had the best instincts, but his shot was broken.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves): SF Andre Roberson, Colorado
Again, I really don’t get moving up to get a guy you probably could’ve gotten later. There’s probably visions of Faried here, but I don’t see a guy this one dimensional getting much shot on this roster. Again, I’da swung for the fences with Tony Mitchell, who I really think could turn into a real player out of everyone left. I know he’s a head case, but at least you have the roster to reign him in. Or the next guy, Gobert, who’s length at least give him upside, and he could be stashed. Even Franklin could’ve backed up what Sefolosha does, or Crabbe could probably step right into the Kevin Martin role. Don’t get it.

27. Utah Jazz (via Denver Nuggets): C Rudy Gobert, France
The Jazz acquired this pick for the No. 46 pick, Erick Green, and cash. That's a steal. The biggest player in the draft also is one of the most raw. Gobert has an absurd 7-9 wingspan and was the only barefoot 7-footer in the draft. But he's incredibly skinny and lacks skills. The Jazz can afford to take a flier on a project, though, because they have an excellent frontcourt already. Gobert definitely could be a steal. Or he could be forgotten. At No. 27, that's a good gamble. At one point I was considering gambling on him in the top ten.

28. San Antonio Spurs: SF Livio Jean-Charles, French Guiana
San Antonio is great at this. It was unlikely they’d find a guy who was gonna crack their rotation here anyway, so take a flier on a big live body that maybe in three years when they need the help, will be ready for them. That’s how you wake up one morning and they’ve somehow added three players to a roster that you’d never heard of before and they’re all helping. They could’ve gone with any of the wings, but they all would’ve been depth behind Green and Leonard. But that’s not a bad thing. They tend to find those guys anyway.

29. Phoenix Suns (via Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder): SG Archie Goodwin, Kentucky
A this point in the draft, it’s not a bad gamble to bet on the pedigree of Kentucky’s Goodwin. However if you read my mock, I was admittedly not a huge fan. He wasn’t elitely athletic. His jumper needs some serious refinement. And he doesn’t have prototype size. He does have a great motor, great aggression, some good passing instincts, and some creative finishing ability. But he’s not a PG. And I don’t get moving up to get him. Maybe he slips to you, and if he doesn’t, how much different are the Crabbe, Felix, Rice, Franklin group. And now this guy you have guarantee a contract too. Weird pick to me.

30. Golden State Warriors (via Phoenix Suns): PG Nemanja Nedovic, Serbia
I admittedly didn’t know much about this guy but after looking into him, he is definitely a plus athlete as a PG. He’s a little older than most Euros that get taken, so maybe he’s coming over, and is intended to be used to fill in for a possibly leaving Jarret Jack. He seems a little out of control, not a true PG, to let Curry play off the ball, but he will be fun to watch fill the lane next to him. Sounds like he can defend some too.

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