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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
The other thing I was just thinking about with Josh Smith is that he's not a good outside shooter. How does that mesh with a front line of Drummond and Monroe? Does everybody remember how Smith was rumored to go to the Lakers last year in a trade? Then everybody realized that he wouldn't fit well there because of his lack of an outside shot. I really like Smith as a player. Defensively he's a top 20 guy in the NBA (maybe even top 10). It just feels like at SF we need a guy who can space the floor more for our young bigs. If Smith can somehow all of the sudden do that, we'd have an extremely good team.

I agree...

Even though Iggy isn't the biggest SF and doesn't have the best outside shot on him (although it has drastically improved and is now demands respect from beyond the arc) I feel like he would be a far better option there than Josh Smith for us. He is a great defender, very smart, very athletic, very good creator and very team orientated. His skill set and tendencies would work well with Knight's skill set and tendencies as Iggy likes the ball in his hand and Knight is a great shooter. The biggest reason why I wouldn't mind this move is because I feel Iggy is a great locker room presence and a great role model for our younger players. He is very professional and could help set the standard that is to be expected moving forward for the young core we have.


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