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Default Re: I'm getting sick of how Biased Espn is towards Lakers....

Today's media is reactionary. Everything is set up to report the now in a microcosm not the big picture. Look at the most popular forums for sports discussion/reporting like Twitter or Facebook or Google+ everything is snapshots there's no panoramas being painted anymore.

Then look at the stars or big names of today's sports media. Very few of them are old school reporters and beat writers, they're bloggers turned sports guys, ESPN (as an example) doesn't groom people from within to someday become the next great beat writer for XYZ. They find the guy with the most popular blog, pay him pennies on the dollar and give him a title. He's had no mentor-ship no grooming for the position by a seasoned vet per se he's very much like a kid coming out of college after one year and headed for the pros.

Don't get me wrong there are good ones out there many on ESPN but for the most part there's more raw talent than real sports reporters reporting the news.

The second problem and possibly the larger problem is the audience. Gullible and not very savvy for the most part and not very willing to seek the truth.

Today's sports fan want's to be spoon fed the info and they never challenge it's actual value or if it's actually even true. One bad report can take years for the actual truth to become the excepted fact. Today's sport fans make up their minds with confirmation bias not facts. They believe the news they want to believe not the news they don't want to hear and the media knows this and feeds off of it.

Lakers have a few examples of this confirmation bias running amok in the fanbase going on right now as we speak but I'll use an old example.

The tale is, Kobe demanded a trade from the Hornets to the Lakers or he wouldn't play in the NBA, If anybody drafted him he'd go to Europe or someplace else depending on the story teller. That's the story, that's what some in the media presented to us long ago and that tale is still going around despite people that were there setting the record straight over and over again.

Until the sports fans as a greater whole demand a higher quality of coverage from those covering the game we're doomed to get stories/information that are made to generate instant retweets and shares on social media.

Another problem is the general blind eye those in the media have turned on policing themselves. Very rarely do we see or hear a reporter say that guys full of it.
I've been working on a project for a few months now and have gotten to interview a couple of the old time LA sports guys (one via phone one over lunch, it was very cool) and one person told me about a fight in the Lakers lockerroom during the 80's between a couple beat writers over a players quote. It wasn't who was going to break the quote out first it was the wording of the quote, they were both so obsessed with getting the story right they were willing to go to blows over it.

Lastly the media has become a tool for the athletes, their agents and the teams themselves. Players or agents can't talk to other GM's, GM's can't contact players not on their roster but you know if you call such and such reporter and weave the tale just right the info or misinformation you want to share will get out there. The problem comes in that the reporter (who knows damn well what's going on) can't tell you and me that. He has to present it as fact that this is the story, when in fact what it is a misdirection play, a bunch of smoke and mirrors by the person that leaked the story to fulfill their agenda.

There's good folks out there covering sports, plenty of them, best thing you can do is find those people and ignore the those that deal in crap and the folks buy into the BS

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