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Default Re: The floater... learn it

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
I understand your point rake and if one can be effective going to the rack and finishing with less technical stuff then by all means... But as 5'10 guy with not much speed, vertical, or balance (I am sure I am not alone here with that) I feel it's a must to develop. My layup game is absolutely horrendous the amount of good looks I get and miss is unbelievable... I played the other day and literally missed every one. Having small hands makes layups harder too. With floaters it does not discriminate lol. Also I must admit I am not that aggressive and would prefer to avoid a bunch of contact be wuss like I said my balance is a joke and if I get hit I am likely going down. I am very coordinated but my balance is just atrocious. Plus it's the little mans way of saying **** you big man block this! Ha you can't

My dude. You gotta practice your can't blame small hands on offense unless you are dunking or catching the ball.
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