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Default Re: Does anybody has a job that requires you to stand for long hours a day?

I don't personally have the job, but I see it probably more than anyone. I'm an engineer and floor manager in a small manufacturing plant, so I spend most of my time on the computer screwing around with drawings, and our management software.

However, the machinist job is THE job for standing in one place. 8-12 hour shifts depending on how much overtime you want to work, with two 15 minute breaks, and a half hour for lunch. Otherwise, it's standing in one spot. We buy the rubberized matts for guys to stand on, and it seems rediculous, but they're an enormous help. We've also provided a few sort of step like stool seats. You really can't do it with a real seat, even a tall one, because you can't see into the machine, and react like you need to if something is going wrong. These stool things are almost more like leaning planks.
We've started really pushing "cellulized machining", which is where one guy operates two machines at once that are facing each other, and we got a lot of pushback early on, about 7 years ago, but now some guys prefer it because at least there's a little back and fourth movement over the day.

It's a really tough job. And it's a dieing job. And it's unfortunate, because it's a good job. Probably among the best jobs you can get without a college degree. It pays pretty damn well, and there's pretty much all the hours one can eat, because there's more work in this country than there are capable workers in the field. It takes some smarts, some math skills, and the ability to focus and pay attention. Monitoring tooling and cutter life and a few other things, along with creating rythm that lets you produce at a better rate than others, means that it's something you can actually get better at over time, and be better than other people at, which means you get to see some merit driven money differences between you and others, which is nice.
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