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Default 2013 Offseason

This has been the most successful offseason for us in years.

Hire Jason Kidd as head coach w/ L. Frank, R. Rodgers, E. Hughes.

Draft Mason Plumlee at #22 pick

Trade Brooks, Humphries, Jospeh, Wallace, Bogans (S&T), and 3 first round picks for Pierce, Garnett, and Terry.

Sign Kyle Korver "Pretty much in the bag"
Marc Stein @ESPNSteinLine

Says one rival GM with interest in one of this summer's most coveted shooters: "Hearing Korver to Brooklyn is in the bag"

For the first time, our Nets team is the attractive team that all the vets want to go to. Feels good man

What else do you guys think we need to do? I think resigning Blatche is a must. It'll make our bench so much better if he comes back. Also this is probably wishful thinking but adding someone like Tony Allen would make us a very tough team to beat. We're lacking perimeter defenders and he is one of the best.
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