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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by el gringos
Some of you might know I think that is an amazing trade.

Building around Carmelo IMO was the best possible choice for the future of the Knicks. Bargnani is the player that compliments Carmelo's unique game best for the price he was gotten.

You are going to see that if Carmelo is put in different places on the floor than the typical 3's in the game. Carmelo's rebounding and assist numbers will go up- Carmelo and Bargnani will both see their efficiency go up
How do inefficient scorers team up to be more efficient?

Here is the bad; no defense, no rebounding, inefficient scoring, volume shooting, easy transition baskets for opponents, i can go on and on..... A free player should never cost 3 picks!

Here is the good; when both are on can be unstoppable duo, Bargs should get cleaner looks if the ball goes around the horn, it will make things interesting if they are both on the same side of the floor puts the defense in a bad position to double, the in and out game with Amare should help... I'm reaching here I guess the salary cap help is a benefit too????
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