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Default Re: Does anybody has a job that requires you to stand for long hours a day?

Years ago, when I used to work at a grocery story, I turned down a promotion to be a cashier (they make a few more cents per hour). Everyone starts off as a bagger. Had I wanted to stay there longterm and turn it into something (i.e become a manager), I probably would have, but as a college kid? Didn't care. I loved moving around, and couldn't have imagined standing in a box all day (essentially). My friends who became cashiers there hated it. To me, not worth the extra few bucks a week.

About 3/4 years ago, for some extra income, I worked seasonal at a Toys R' us. I did have to work standing in one spot as a cashier, and not only was standing around horrible, but so was the inability to go to the bathroom whenever I needed.
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