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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Rameek
How do inefficient scorers team up to be more efficient?

Here is the bad; no defense, no rebounding, inefficient scoring, volume shooting, easy transition baskets for opponents, i can go on and on..... A free player should never cost 3 picks!

Here is the good; when both are on can be unstoppable duo, Bargs should get cleaner looks if the ball goes around the horn, it will make things interesting if they are both on the same side of the floor puts the defense in a bad position to double, the in and out game with Amare should help... I'm reaching here I guess the salary cap help is a benefit too????

You're thinking too much into this move.

Bargnani is simply bench scoring help. A 3rd big man essentially behind Amare & Chandler and we're only going to need a productive 20 minutes out of him most nights. If Bargnani can't give you 20 solid minutes then he didn't deserve to be in the NBA. He might even be a 4th big man assuming K-Mart returns and Woody gives him minutes off of how he performed when we signed him off the couch last season. Think Cope/Novak rolled into 1 player in the rotation.

Novak was slowly slipping out of the rotation and Camby was a complete non-factor. How is getting any asset a bad move when parting with 2 non-factors with 0 upside to helping the team? The picks we gave up were 2nd rounders we can buy back and a low 1st rounder that we likely wouldn't end up getting.

You're also not taking into account the flexibility for trades that Bargnani gives us around the trade deadline when teams are looking to unload another "bad contract" and see the 1 1/2 years left on Bargnani's deal and maybe a throw-in.

What if 1 of these teams has buyers remorse this offseason like the Nuggets did with Nene? Whoever overpays Josh Smith? Iggy? We stand in line to have an expirer to throw at them.
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