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Default Re: Outside of Wiggins who else in next years class is good?

I'm looking forward to seeing Wiggins play. I saw a few of his HS games, and while I was wildly impressed with his length and athleticism, and paired with his jumpshot, all of warranting the TMac comps. What I didn't see was the transcendent, just makes the game look different kind of impression I got from Lebron, and a few others over the years. I got a similar vibe off of Durant though, so there's that.

I'm also not as high on Parker as most. I feel like he's just a tad limited athletically.

I do absolutely love Julius Randle though. A real, genuine PF of that physical ilk hasn't come through HS at this level to me since Chris Webber. At 6-9, he's listed at 250, which is huge for a high school kid, and he's a top shelf athlete, and has a ton of skill, even can stretch the floor a bit.
I also love Aaron Gordon. People are gonna fall for him athletically. I'm afraid he's a tad to small and might get caught in between. But he's so young he can still grow. He's got some Blake Griffin type potential.

And both Smart and Harrison would've been top 7 this year, they both feel like genuine franchise PGs, not lets hope this works like the projectable PGs we saw in this draft.

Internationally, Dario Saric was considered by many to be the best international prospect in the 2013 draft before withdrawing his name. Sort of an all-court PF. Not the traditionally great shooter you frequently think of foreign bigs as, but a really high IQ, good shooter, ball handler, passer.

I don't know that this draft will have the depth this past one did. I seriously feel like teams got guys who can make rotations in the second round this year.
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