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Default Re: 19 fire fighters killed battling arizona blaze.

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Maybe I'm just being idealistic but you'd have to think that these guys don't go in without escape routes in mind for if something as simple as the wind changing direction happens. Someone must have fucked up here somewhere along the line.

These wildfires are crazy unpredictable. Keep in mind the entire state is dry as a bone, and the entire landscape can ignite in a heartbeat.

A fire big enough to drop 19 specialists into is a big, uncontrolled blaze. The wind doesn't so much "change in direction" as completely shift, and can go from 0-60 in no time flat. There's no way to prepare, and their fire blankets apparently weren't enough for the inferno that erupted.

I live in the area, and we can be sitting outside on a calm day, only to have the wind storm through at 30+ mph for 20-30 minutes, Then right back to calm.
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