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Default Re: Why do you love/hate Grand Theft Auto IV?

Originally Posted by Scholar
This type of reasoning makes no sense to me. "I enjoyed game X, which came out 3-4 yrs after GTA IV more so that explains why I don't like GTA IV."

GTA games should be the kings of sandbox games until the next GTA game comes out...

Even though Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3 came out much later than GTAIV, you can't say that the reason those games are preferred by many is because of technical advancements.

The graphics in GTAIV still hold up today and to be honest Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3 use cartoonish and bright art styles to get away from detail.

Feature and content wise, GTA IV is longer than both games and the DLC that comes out for it later on is some of the best DLC you can find in the industry for games in terms of bang for your buck.

The physics in GTAIV is also more refined than those two games.

Overall money input to GTA IV dwarfs that of Sleeping Dogs / Saints Row 3. GTA IV is a triple A title that has tons of hands on it.

A game being 'fun' has less to do with where it is technically. It's why people compare Vice City and San Andreas when we all know San Andreas is technically superior because it came out later, they're compared because of the different gameplay experiences they offer.. the fun.

Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3 just try to emulate what Vice City and San Andreas did. Give you a world full of things to do that are so fun it takes you away from the main story line often. GTAIV's environment was so freaking bland I felt forced to do missions. I never did any rampages or anything. When I was bored in SA I would go out to the mountains to cliff dive with my parachute or use one of the winding mountain roads as a place to rack up stars and eventually hold off the military there.

It's easier to contrast why you didn't like GTA IV when there are other devs offering fun sandbox experiences similar to what GTA is at its roots.
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