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Default Re: I'm getting sick of how Biased Espn is towards Lakers....

Every generation has to deal with biased misinformation and other nonsense that comes forth from different sources.

You could go back to the 8th century when monks did all manuscript copying/writing by hand. I'm sure they had many instances where they intentionally or unintentionally altered the writing or took a different understanding of something and ended up copying it incorrectly over and over.

Or you could go back to 16th century England when printing presses were first coming out. People with agendas could own a printing press and get into word battles with other people with their own agendas. Same goes when TVs and radios first came out; new channels wanted to get their information out over the air waves ASAP. They would rush their research just to throw something out there ASAP; they can always correct it later, but they want to be the first ones out there with something.

Today, it's nothing new, just in a different form now with something as vast as the world itself: the internet. Only difference is that today, it could be anyone from any part of the globe; in previous centuries, it was usually somebody local or from within the borders of your own territory.

I thought gts and dklaker and others made decent posts.
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