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Default Players today are WAY overpaid

I am sickened by the size of contract given out today to a player who frankly isn't even top 10. Some players who aren't even very good are getting 9 figure contracts which is just outrageous while small businessmen and soldiers, the ones who made this country great, are struggling to get by on what they make.

It shows just an upside down value system that we are willing to tolerate this crap. There should be a cap of 1,000,000 per year which is plenty for entertainers and should be enough to survive your whole life even if you retire after 3 years. If you want more, study hard and become a successful business person so you actually create jobs for others etc. etc. Also tickets would be MUCH less expensive basically most of the ticket goes to paying these divas. Fans should boycott until players start downsizing their enormous demands and egos
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