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Default Re: Players today are WAY overpaid

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
If you think the players are making too much, look at who signs their paychecks.

Money flows into professional sports and like all of the entertainment business, and let's face it, it is show business, salary is determined by star value and what the market will bear.
well the market doesn't get to choose the price so it is not really market choosing the price.

Look at NBA they are one league and a basketball monopoly in which the NBA players union collude to pay enormous salary caps and the owners of ecah team have colluded to sell merchandise for 10x what it should cost sometimes so they can transfer the cost of the players to the fans who have no say in the matter. The NBA is a monopoly and it is hard to break up because noone eles is going to be able to give mediocre players $100,000,000+ contracts
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