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Default Re: Why do you love/hate Grand Theft Auto IV?

I didn't hate it, but it was a massive letdown for me. There were a number of reasons for it: mediocre story, uninteresting characters (I think Niko is the worst main character of any GTA I've ever played), TERRIBLE driving, poor shooting mechanics, many bland missions, those annoying relationship side things, etc.
After the masterpiece that was San Andreas, I was expecting something that would blow my mind, especially with it being released for the next gen of consoles. It was great graphically for the time, but it felt like it lost its soul (not to mention that it was almost cut to the bone, customization and playability wise). I didn't even care to finish it, that's how little I liked it. In my opinion, it's the worst of them all (GTA I & II not included because they're not comparable, but they were both a lot more memorable), and I've played every single one of them since the 1st., overhead perspective one.
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