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Default Re: 19 fire fighters killed battling arizona blaze.

Originally Posted by ErhnamDjinn
yeah weird with all our tech simple stuff to save lives hasnt been built, like maybe even a automated robot could do this.

RIP to those guys true heroes

I don't think there's any such thing as fire "proof" when talking about the spontaneity and ferocity of a wild fire.

People have to imagine the biggest, raging, most out of control building fire they've ever seen. A whole block in flames.

Now imagine that in a matter of minutes, even seconds, the fire has jumped across the street and surrounded you. And we're talking thousands of acres, not a city block. And everything... the trees, leaves, sticks on the ground, brush... are dry as bones and pure tinder.

Those people trained in hot shotting fires have what is among the most dangerous jobs in the world. Just a week ago this same team responded to and played a huge role in controlling the Doce fire, now 96% contained, just about 30 miles north of this one.
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