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Default Re: Players today are WAY overpaid

Originally Posted by demons2005
Chris Paul for example. Never been out of the second round and has always put a ceiling on his team no matter who the teammates are because he doesn't pass the ball unless it leads to stats for him.

So you have an agenda in that you don't like Chris Paul.

I don't like any number of celebrities or entertainers. But I understand that if they can sell tickets and put meat in the seats; if other employers within the marketplace value their services; if advertisers crave their endorsement abilities; if they enhance the value of the product as a whole; they deserve to make as much money as they can possibly command, or they should move on to someone else willing to pay them that.

And your notion that $3 million dollars is enough to "survive your whole life" is the same misguided thinking that leads many athletes, entertainers, lottery winners etc to end up broke.
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