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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: Players today are WAY overpaid

So Mcgee gets 10 million. Annoying. Lets see the options...

Give it to him for helping generate 3 billion dollars through tv deals, tickets, consessions and all that....


Limit his pay to 1 million or less passing the extra 9 or so million on to his owner. A guy who owns the Nuggets, St. Louis Rams, Arsenal if you are into soccer, and an NHL team and whos wife is the daughter of Sam Walton.

Dudes WIFE is a Walmart heiress.

They have like 10 billion dollars.


You feel better about giving him more money than giving it to Mcgee?

Someone rich is getting the money. Period. Unless youre prepared to destroy the economy and take over america by making company profits go to an account you then give to those you dont have any other choices.

Rich guys gets it.....or the really realy really reeeeeeeally rich guy gets it.
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