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iím glad we held on to evans (we did, right?) so to maintain one rebounding specialist.

iím disappointed brooks was lost, as we keep losing his type (t-will, CDR) to.... immaturity or whatever. given how his big weakness was defense, it would have been quite cool to see what big ticket would have been able to do with him.

oh pls oh pls let blatche re-sign. heís such an incredible value for the money and should take a big load off garnettís wear-and-tear.

plumlee- i didnít realise what an athletic deep post guy he was. very cool to have two centers with traditional C skills, but also one of them a slow, skilled shooter and th3 other a quick rebounding / putback type of guy. nice set of looks to challenge other teams with, particularly if blatche comes back.

terry- i really wonder what the guy has left at this point. well, there was bound to be a shaky link in the chain.

anyway, this yearís team feels a lot more positive to me than last yearís team. most fans were sold on the 2012 nets being an allstar team that could somehow contend with miami. to me it was more a highly-flawed, mismatched collection of parts that would make the playoffs and then flame out. i couldnít understand why everyone seemed to be so optimistic, so i tried to keep dampening my pessimism. that combination was deadly over the course of the season. by the end i wasnít even following the team.

this year is so much different, itís almost a reverse. there are flaws everywhere, but theyíre pretty much all on the surface this time. underneath them there is much more character and real potential... the possibility of actually going somewhere interesting and being truly fascinating to watch.

night and day.
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