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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Rameek
Who is happy about this deal besides El Gringos

via: NY Post

I have way less experience than the rest of you guys but on its face, this trade doesn't look terrible to me. If it was just Novak and Camby then we lose nothing, the picks are a gamble, they can easily produce scrubs. Bargs is a gamble, maybe this magical fit with Melo comes off. In the thread on the main board someone was saying that worst case scenario is he expires at the same time as Amare, Melo and Chandler.

I guess the real question is could we have moved these pieces for something better than Bargs?

And isn't it likely that the idea will be for him to start at the 4 so his minutes sync with Melo? Then Amare becomes the 6th man, assuming JR isn't resigned? It's obviously a gamble but Amare has now had both Knees done and if he's healthy he can still give us scoring from the bench.
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