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Default Re: Hawthorne Police Arrest Photographer and Kill His Dog (NSFW)

I'm as much an animal lover as anyone, but the officer's actions were entirely within reason. The owner is entirely at fault from what I'm looking at. The owner didn't properly secure the dog in the first place. Then the officer tried to get a handle on the dog's leash, attempted non-lethal force and then resorted to his sidearm when the dog continued being aggressive.

If it comes down to a dog's life or my well being, the dog goes down every single time...and I say this as a responsible dog owner myself who would be absolutely crushed to see my friend and companion die this needlessly. Hell, it hurts to see that video. All that being said, the officer is the absolute last person I blame here.

Calling this police officer a murderer, like some of these halfwits on Facebook are doing, is ridiculous.

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