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Default Re: Hawthorne Police Arrest Photographer and Kill His Dog (NSFW)

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
Explain to me why the police is justified to shoot the dog? Was his life at stake?

Dog bite? Really?

Obviously you have never been bitten by a dog.

Because their training doesn't say "Oh, take a chance that this dog won't bite you because he totally might not", you twit. Obviously you're a nincompoop if all you have to stand on is "His life wasn't in danger because dog bites aren't dangerous.".

First off, the officer has no way of gauging how dangerous that dog is about to become at a given moment. Also, not sure if you were paying attention but they were already focused on a stand-off situation with an active SWAT presence...this guy decided to not only make himself a distraction in an already tense situation, but he then failed to properly secure the animal he got involved in it as well. The video clear as day shows the officer try several times to restrain the animal without using force. You can quite clearly hear an attempt to taze it. The dog continues to get more aggressive after each attempt while the owner continues berating the police for doing, you know, their jobs. Dogs feed off their owner's aggressive behavior...just like that one was doing.

I ran a paper route at age 12 and volunteer at a local dog/cat rescue when I have time on weekends. I've been bitten by more dogs in one month than most people have scratched behind the ears in their lifetimes. I'm not thrilled that the dog got shot, but if I'm in that officer's shoes I do the exact same thing.

I'm not continuing this any further with you because your point of view is grounded on nothing that resembles reality.
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