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I agree with most of you guys thinking the Pistons don't have a great shot at the toitle, but i think it's crazy to think they are completely out of the picture. Losing Ben was obviously pretty big, but he is one of those guys that you can't really be sure made THAT big of a difference, compared to other all stars with more complete games. He is the best rebounder and shot blocker in the league by far and away, but the fact that he was such a liability on offence takes away from that greatness ALOT. If the strart Nazr, (and you can't tell me he's a complete wash on defence), and then play McDyce (or something) a lot more off the bench (25-30 min), they'll have a more complete team. Ben being an allstar, he took away a lot of Dice's minuters, cuz they couldn't legitimately sub him off. Just look at what hapn't against Cle and Mia in the playoffs. /they played great D against both of them (with Ben not even being a huge factor), but they couldn't score. With Dice, Sheed, and Tay up front, that's one of the best frontcourts in the L. Like I said, i still don't think they will win, but they'll definately contend, because in a way, it's almost gain through loss, with Dice being able to step up and actually put up points at the C position.

Lets see, they played without intensity in the heat series, they have no bench, they lost their starting center who was their best shotblocker and rebounder, they have a ****ty all offense coach, and teams around them like the bulls are getting better.

Wow, that's really smart. Just because the Bulls got better and the pistons didn't, that makes the bulls better than the pistons. Thats like saying charlotte improved and the spurs got worse, so the bobcats are better than SAS. IMO, Detroit takes Chicago any day, even without their allstar center.

(lol is anyone going to even read this, didn't realize it was so long as i was writing it)

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