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Default Re: Hawthorne Police Arrest Photographer and Kill His Dog (NSFW)

Originally Posted by DMV2
How did he insert himself into the situation when he was 5 feet away from the cop cars, and a good distance from the cops?

You mean like when he is yelling out to the cops, and then puts the dog back in the car and walks towards them? Why did they come up to him and not one of the dozen other people? Consider him inserted...

Go to about 2 minutes, you can hear him yelling but not what he is saying. Video skips a bit forward at 2:03. Just before he puts the dog in the car you can hear him say "civil rights violation."

Watch the other video, before the first one. You see him driving past then get out of his car. Something happens, apparently but I'm not sure, he was told to turn his music down.
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