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Default Re: Best baby making songs...

I'll take some from my playlist called: IV The XX ({}) try to decipher
Adina Howard- Nasty Grind (if u with a KNOWN freak)
D'Angelo- The Line
Joe- The Love Scene
Kenny Lattimore- Never Too Busy
Usher- Twork It Out (I would say this one is better for foreplay/prep when you're heating the oven, not the actual stroke, still smooth)

And if you're on some G shit....
Method Man feat. Cappadonna & Streetlife- Sweet Love (This song always makes me ready, no matter where, when, any situation, lyrics are killer)

Prodigy- Keep The Heels On (some rugged shit for slammin hos )

Lol prolly won't play that around any of the type of women I would actually bring to my home but it's still
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