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Default Re: Why do you love/hate Grand Theft Auto IV?

What makes GTA4 so disappointing to me is that Rockstar didn’t fix any of the obvious flaws of their previous games and instead tried to make improvements nobody asked for. They tried to evolve the franchise and made it worse as a result. To me it seemed like they wanted to make GTA increasingly mature. GTA 4 is a “mature” product: the story is serious and gritty, the parody is less obvious, they try to introduce a couple of very deep themes, the city is realistic, the driving is realistic. It’s a marketing plan, all the people who bought Vice City and San Andreas had grown up, so they felt it was time to make a game for an audience that’s 6 years older than the audience they made Vice City for. The failed improvements they tried to implement contrasts the thing they didn’t try to improve at all: the combat and the sandbox elements of the world.

One of the reasons people ran away with Saint’s Row and Sleeping Dogs is because those games picked up Rockstar’s “garbage” in that sense. Rockstar tried for more maturity, so Saint’s Row focused on making something more juvenile. Saint’s Row is entirely centered around parody, easy entertainment and creating the most sandboxy experience they can.

GTA moved away from creating a world around a certain niche, the setting of GTA4 doesn’t really play a part in the story at all. So then there is Sleeping Dogs where the setting exudes from every aspect of the game.

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