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Default Re: Bargnani close to being acquired by the Knicks

Without being the lightning rod of discontent here in Toronto - the Knicks must figure that they have a floor stretcher 4 and change of pace guy. I dunno what they see but fine...

As to what the Raps get ? I think it is all bandaid stuff too.. we didnt get much. A middle of no where draft pick in 2 years

Novak is a d liability. Where you gonna hide him on the floor in a team that needs to improve D? QRich is probably here for a couple of weeks till they can package his contract with something else ; I assume the non guarenteed aspect of the deal is what makes it so marketable.

Camby is the only interesting piece. I admit I like vets but seriously if Camby shows up - I like the poster who mentioned mentoring Val. Despite his age do we honestly think he will be more of a liability on the floor than Grey ? If he can soak up 15 minutes per game and allow Amir to play at the 4 ... that is actually a nice combination for a year or two.

Basically Barges = middle 1st rounder

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