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Default Re: Police afraid for his life....pepper sprays squirrel

Originally Posted by Doranku
Wow. When I first saw the thread title, I thought it was a parody of the cop shooting that dog.

I can't believe this actually happened. We've had a squirrel get into our house and didn't use no damn pepper spray to "neutralize" it.

I had a family of them get into my attic a few years ago. I tried trapping them and letting them go (my wife's idea) in the woods a few miles away. I patched the hole where they got in with a piece of aluminum siding. They returned a few days later and actually chewed through the aluminum to get in. I did some research and found out they can follow their scent from 20 miles away. So this time I trapped them again and returned them to the woods. Let's just say that they were a little less active than the first time.
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