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Default Re: Pierce Garnett to Nets...

Originally Posted by Jballer
Agreed.. and with Kidd as coach... hmmm.

I wonder about that cause Kidd has this rep as being a "coaches player" but that doesnt mean he can scheme Ds, set game ending plays and manage a clock.. I assume he will hire talented back up to himself...

There is a serious " Lakers flop feel potential" to this line up vis a vis Howard and Nash to LA

I think it's very different then the Lakers. KG can fit into any system. He doesn't demand the ball on offense at this point. As for Pierce, frankly they needed a player like him anyway. They have all the big names, but they fit together considerably better then the Lakers. Joe Johnson may have to change his game even more with Pierce there. If he can transition to a spot up shooter, I personally think they will be ok.

Having a rookie coach seems an odd decision. Perhaps they had the KG deal in the works (KG is like another coach). Kidd I believe has already hired Lawrence Frank as his lead assistant, so I think the team around him will be pretty solid.

The picks are a bit much, but in theory where they will be picking (20's and up), you can buy one of those picks for $3mill in most drafts.
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