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Default Re: Bargnani close to being acquired by the Knicks

Originally Posted by RapsFan
This is all about getting Bargs off the roster, and getting a 1st rounder. There is no need to analyze the players brought back. They will have limited impact if they stay, and get not much in return if dealt.


Although if getting him off the roster was issue 1 - amnesty was available. The first rounder is what I indicated is the only real point of the deal..and it will be 15th or 22nd or essentially a middle of no where pick.

The point of the players coming back are equally important because you didnt use the amnesty. You have to pay them... guess what its about the same money as Barges! So now they ride the pine like Barges rode the stretcher last year. You still have no cap flexibility.

If they have limited impact - well so did barges - so actually there is no net benenfit to the team. Then the amnesty would have been a better option. Swallow the pill and forget the 1st rounder in 2 years that brings a "middling talent" at best.

In fact I think a looking at the pieces is very important to see if they can fill a temporary slot or potentially be repackaged for another player soemwhere you have a need....

The GM has a rep of looking for something now and something in the future.

Well the 20th selection in 2016 is the something in the future... I just dont see the now unless its Camby.

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