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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the trade.

We are nowhere near any cap flexibility so it's not like adding his salary for two more years will do us any harm. As for the picks it is what it is. If we draft in the 20-30 range will we get a guy who can help us immediately as we are in a win now mode? And getting rid of 2 second rounders isn't panic worthy considering it will be at the very end of the draft(if it's a second rounder)

We needed a player to stretch the floor and as far as I'm concerned he's a much much better version of Steve Novak at least. He gives us options as well. We can start him at the 4 to play along side Melo and have Amare be the 6th man.

Bargs isn't a bad player at all. He just has injury concerns and he's obviously not a player who can lead a franchise. He won't be expected to carry the scoring load like in Toronto and we just need him to be a #3 option.

Lets be real having Marcus Camby and Steve Novak at $4mil a yr a piece is overkill.

I say it's a good trade

If we can get back some of the bench guys our bench is solid with Stat, Smith, Copeland, Hardaway, etc.
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