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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by franchize
I just don't get how you have to use 3 picks to acquire a guy who was booed worse than Melo was by his own home court. I had league pass this year. I've seen a few Raptors games. Bargnani got booed worse than any player I've ever seen for home games lol. Toronto clearly wanted no parts of him. Ujiri is a genius for snatching 3 picks for this dude.

the only thing that worries me is that its a 2016 1st round pick which may end up raping us in the ass like the Marbury trade.. Hopefully it's protected?

But if that pick ends up being the 25th trade it's a great gamble. The salary isn't important as Novak and Camby's contract adds up to Bargs..

Who knows maybe Woodson will turn him into a okay defensive player? He's a 7 footer after all..
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