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Default Re: Anthony Bennett is Jared Sullinger 2.0

I didn't watch a lot of Bennett this past year, but to me he seems somewhat like Elton Brand. He may be a bit more athletic, but he seems to have Elton Brand qualities to him. Undersized, big wingspan, big body.. The thing is though, is whether or not it'll be imposing. I watched Elton Brand put up 20/10 2blks for years without it really doing anything. He never terrified his opponent and seemed like teams were ok with him getting his numbers because it never meant that they were going to lose.

Sullinger, on the other hand, is more of a smaller Zach Randolph type player. Plays below the rim, terrific soft hands, and is not exactly athletic. He does have a ZBo-like mean streak, but it doesn't come out often enough. If Sullinger didn't have all the injury issues, he could be a really nice player.

They are very different though.
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