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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
I think signing Smith is less risky due to his age, but wouldn't hate Iguodala either.

What do people think the max potential of this lineup is?

Calderon Knight Siva
KCP Stuckey/Singler
Smith Jerebko/Middleton
Monroe Charlie V Mitchell
Drummond Kratsov(and maybe a Jason Collins type)

I'm not sure its a worse lineup than someone like Indiana or Chicago is rolling out there, if Drummond comes close to reaching his potential.

I like Smith more than Iggy too. I think he's the better defensive player and he's more suited for SF than Iggy. I don't think it's the best position for either of them though. I see Igoudala as more of a 2 and Smith as more of a 4. With Smith he can play that spot and Monroe or Drummond can be at C which I see as more valueable. I don't think Calderon resigns, so that lineup will be a bit different. I also don't see KCP as the starter on the first game of the season. Anyway around it, that should be a lineup that would fight for a 8 seed into the playoffs. I've always said it, but that's about the worst spot you can be at in the NBA. You don't have cap space to get better and you don't have lottery picks to get better. That's exactly how you get stuck in mediocrity.
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