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Originally Posted by gigantes
i agree, he was definitely more mature than those two. i guess it's more the athleticism, scoring ability and x-factor that made me lump them together. plus the gun that some guy was holding against my head!

but it's a shame... players like marshon could have been our homegrown joe johnsons or jason terrys, etc. because it gives me more satisfaction to see a player who came up through the team than an overpriced one who came via trade or FA. it's cool to learn their stories and watch them evolve... not just on the court, but as people.

Totally agree. That's why everyone loves Brook, we drafted him and he's the only player left from that 12-70 year. The way the league is today, he'll probably end up getting traded later in his career but I hope he stays a Net for the majority of his career. Maybe get his number retired one day. He would be our Kobe, Dirk, Timmy D (players that stayed on one team for their whole career).

Also its sad that Pierce didn't get to stay on the C's and retire but I ain't complaining.
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