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Default Re: Bargnani close to being acquired by the Knicks

If you say so...

My point being if you are aquiring a piece just to amnesty him... shit you were better off just amnesty'ing Barges. I think the longer the contract the longer the amnesty impact (not sure) and at least Barges only had 2 more.

The pieces that come back: Camby Novak Qrich and the draft are import to look at because managment percieved it was a better deal than just using the amnesty on Barges. Whether that is to play or as a future contract to trade into something else.

In the mean time they are getting paid about the same as Barges was so your Cap space remains the same.

Can they contribute ? Hope so...

I think Camby can in "less tangible ways" that just points rbs blocks.

Novak - not so much. D liability

Qrich - not so much as I suppose Gay Derozan and importantly Ross should be ahead of him in rotation
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