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Default Re: 2013 Wimbledon Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
i'm not as happy as i thought i'd be to see serena lose. when she's gracious and friendly i have zero problem with her. she seemed to give lisicki full credit this time instead of making the usual lame excuses.

on another note, i finally read the famous "federer as religious experience" article by the late david foster wallace:

i was never particularly a fed fan, somewhat because he kind of nailed the agassi - sampras era closed with his coming. but i think i get it now... get why so many fans adore him. he took that sign posted in the wimbledon hallways that said 'the power racket era makes all previous tennis obsolete' and he demolished it. nice work, roger!

but, sorry... it's too late for me. the djoker is still my favorite player since agassi is retired.
My sentiments regarding Fed too, I used to be a Sampras fan, still my favorite player is Djoker as well. Mostly because he forced himself on what was going to be a Federer Nadal era.
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