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Default Re: Bargnani close to being acquired by the Knicks

I still don't know what direction we're taking after this trade.

We're still not bad enough to tank and obviously not good enough to do anything in the playoffs. Getting rid of Bargnani was a necessary move, but from a basketball standpoint, it doesn't make us better nor worse for next season.

The rumors we're reading gives me hope that we're indeed tanking, but hard to say until anything materializes. It seems that the Clippers are looking to keep Bledsoe now rather than trade him, but I think they may end up trading him if they can't find a suitable wing player.

Another rumor floating around is Detroit may be interested in Rudy Gay if they lose out of Josh Smith. I think they've got a couple of expirers in Stuckey and Charlie V.

Either way, it sure looks to be an active offseason for the Raptors...
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