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Default Is misdemeanor vandalism a serious charge

I was arrested for vandalism (all i did was punch a picture frame) and have a court date for DIP (drunk in public). I hired a lawyer and my lawyer said the DIP is nothing, but the vandalism charge is another matter. All I did was break a picture frame that didn't cost more than 20 dollars. When I got arrested they said it was "vandalism in front of a police officer" and they took me in and booked me and just let me go after like an hour. I didn't even know I was charged. The person I live with said they were going to send a citation in the mail, but they never did. This happened on the 14th last month and I called a lawyer for a consultation and they said I had a vandalism charge too...and when i went to court it would be brought up. I wasn't even given a citation or anything. Now I have to pay a grand in legal payments and possibly a future fine.

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