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Default Re: Is misdemeanor vandalism a serious charge

I won't be seeing you on ISH for awhile. Unfortunately vandalism is very serious no matter the cost of items being vandalized. The court system takes stealing and vandalizing very seriously. More serious than murder. If you look at the years someone gets for vandalizing and stealing compared to murder, stealing and vandalizing is far worse punishment. While a murder conviction can lead to life in prison and possible parole, armed robbery can get you 20 years and you have to serve it.

My buddy was charged with vandalism. Blacked out drunk, went to someone's backyard and swam in their pool. He broke their sliding door and went inside for drinks. Thank god he wasn't shot. He did jail time.

You did all this in front of a police officer too when you are suppose to obey in front of them.

I'm hoping probation for you but you are probably going do a couple of months in jail.
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