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Default Re: Is misdemeanor vandalism a serious charge

Originally Posted by Smoke117
The whole thing could have been avoided too. I was drunk and had mixed ambien. They were just going to let me go to sleep and on the way to my bedroom I decided like an idiot to punch the picture frame so they arrested me. The DIP charge is bullshit as all i was trying to do was get home. I wasn't causing any problems.

Wait a minute you were home? You said you walked to YOUR BEDROOM and punched the picture frame.

If I'm not mistaken, vandalism only is charged with destruction of property not yours. If you were at home, you tell the courts that was your picture frame. The reason for punching it?...say you didn't like it or some other excuse.

I don't think you can be charged for vandalizing your own stuff or else we would all be in jail.
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