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Default Re: gringos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Jasi
Not bad Clutch.
At least we're sure you didn't use Google Translator because there are some mistakes... but overall, the message is clear Especially the last one about Ujiri
I actually visited Italy twice. Last time I went to Rome. Beautiful city,probably the prettiest big city I've ever visited.
I learned Italian in school so that's why I know something. To be honest,I don't really know how to talk/write but I can read/listen and understand almost everything.

And **** Ujiri. That son of a bitch always screws us. I approve Melo trade but I still think we could give less. But this Bargnani trade is idiotic. Ujiri basically got 3 picks out of us for a player they wanted to get rid of.
This guy is either a genius or he has some incriminating photos of Dolan/Grunwald
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