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Default Re: Is misdemeanor vandalism a serious charge

Originally Posted by Smoke117
I was arrested for vandalism (all i did was punch a picture frame) and have a court date for DIP (drunk in public). I hired a lawyer and my lawyer said the DIP is nothing, but the vandalism charge is another matter. All I did was break a picture frame that didn't cost more than 20 dollars. When I got arrested they said it was "vandalism in front of a police officer" and they took me in and booked me and just let me go after like an hour. I didn't even know I was charged. The person I live with said they were going to send a citation in the mail, but they never did. This happened on the 14th last month and I called a lawyer for a consultation and they said I had a vandalism charge too...and when i went to court it would be brought up. I wasn't even given a citation or anything. Now I have to pay a grand in legal payments and possibly a future fine.

you paid your lawyer that is what you pay them for, you probably won't even have that on your record once they're done. your grandma is pressing charges on you?
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