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Default Re: Good Rap/Hip-Hop Thread

yea he fambam i went to cal state long beach with edwin (zeroh) . he was a theater/drama major n him n some of his homies gave me my first emcee gig during intermission in between acts @ his theater troupe's first performance (white lotus collective) . theyre both on wedidit collective , ive played shows with groundislava n some other wedidit folk

hes been flyin under the radar super lowkey but he was at boilerrom rap life recently ,
peep it

he hops on the mic @ 10:00

lmao , actually last time i kicked it with him we randomly ran into each other at this party in long beach sometime last summer n he had this voodoo doll that he named something funky (like macaroni kid i dont remember right now) . he told me im the dolls god father and made me protect him all night . the hipsters were flockin like mad tryna kidnap yung macaroni but i held down the set hahaha

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