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Default Re: Torrent invite swap?

Originally Posted by Shade8780
What.CD and are great private trackers for music.

Yeah.... I had an account at Waffles, I was a productive member, seeder, and even an uploader of some awesome rare stuff. But, eventually I had all the music I needed at the time and I didn't use the service for 6+ months which I'm sure killed my account. Unfortunately my HDD with tens of thousands of songs broke down, and I need to get back in the music download game. I don't even remember my username at Waffles.

Yeah, PirateBay, ExtraTorrent, and KAT, (along with ripping off friends' iPods) can get me a large portion of that music back.... but not the real treasures and goodies I once had.

Hence, my need for a good private music tracker.
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