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Default Re: Pistons Interested in Rudy Gay

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
And also judged the Bosh situation and the post-Bosh years better.

I think it spiraled out of control for him. I think he stuck with the thought that Bargnani finally being the PF, the position he was destined to play but couldn't because of Bosh. I think he was hoping Bosh wouldn't come back, but didn't want to trade him and send the wrong message in that he's not competing for the playoffs. When that didn't work out, he always thought it wasn't Bargnani, but everything else.

I was happy when he selected DeMar Derozan; surprised he lasted that long. It was a high-ceiling talent and a wing player at a time that we needed it. He was a project, but I was glad the Raptors took the gamble.

I think he made some good moves and was willing to make changes when things didn't work (JO/Marion/Hedo); except for Bargnani.

His early years were definitely his better years. I had all this negativity when I heard BC, but going back, he did some good things early on. His constant readjustment of his plans from rebuilding to retooling to rebuilding to retooling were horrendous near the end. He gave away picks like it was cash considerations...
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