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Default Re: Suns Trade Jared Dudley

This is a great trade for the Suns. Butler has an expiring contract I believe, and Bledsoe (if kept) has a player option (I believe) and most assuredly will opt out if he thinks he can get a better deal and/or chance to win elsewhere. Either way, Suns got out from under Dudley's contract, which seems to be playing into the theme for the 2014 Season. Personally, I'd love to see the Suns hold onto Bledsoe, he's a nice building block for the future, I just don't know if he'll remain committed long term with that player option. The fact that half the teams in the league have been trying to get this guy does feed into the trade possibility as mentioned above. But I don't see the Suns moving Bledsoe till around the trade deadline if at all!

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